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Chamberlain overseas group, digital intelligent factory integrated operators, state-level high-tech enterprises. Predecessor is shenzhen hanbang electromechanical co., LTD., industry involved in clothing, bags, furniture and shoe CAD/CAM, drawing equipment, printing equipment and solutions for research and development, production, sales and service of science and technology enterprise, registered in August 2007, the main business: production and sale of the plotter, electrical and mechanical equipment, clothing equipment, inkjet equipment, carton printing machine and the design of numerical control equipment, technology development, etc. Since company inception, all employees work together, indomitable enterprising, assiduous research, with the help of product upgrading and technological innovation, successful apparel CAD/CAM products at home and abroad market.

Hanbang always insist on innovation and progress for the enterprise development, product quality and customer satisfaction to succeed for business philosophy, to create first-class product quality, perfect after-sales service xin-ke gao technology enterprise at present, the company has established a nationwide sales network; Due to quality products and technology, the company in 2008 successfully opened up international market, the products sell well in Europe and the United States and Asia more than 10 countries and regions. Unyielding, and hold world with virtue, uncovering and employees grow together, make progress together. Just a few short years time, chamberlain overseas by unknown small factory, growth for the domestic and foreign well-known enterprises. 2008 by the international financial crisis, the global market is generally low, and chamberlain overseas still maintained a strong momentum of growth, show a good development prospect and strong technical strength; In anhui quanjiao economic development zone in 2009, the company purchased more than 20 acres, to invest 20 million yuan to build anhui quanjiao hanbang industrial park, set up bases in chamberlain overseas production base, science and education, research and development center, logistics center, and north and south, shenzhen hanbang echo for hanbang implementation "TuBaTianXia" lay a solid foundation; In 2010, the company set up key areas and urban marketing network covering the whole country, through the exhibition, network, TV media and 4 s shops, increase the intensity of marketing, expand market share.

From 2011 to 2012, the company with the upgrading of the product and technology innovation, successfully developed intelligent bags CAD/CAM system, bags of CAD is a digital, intelligent systems engineering, chamberlain overseas equipment CAD is supporting equipment designers, bags out designers in the software from scratch out of line, and be able to complete some complicated province fold processing, because of its function is more and more perfect, more and more widely applied, combined with hanbang powerful PLM (product life cycle), chamberlain overseas CAD is countries handbag designers, bags out designers professional and technical personnel qualification examination software.

In 2013, held "hanbang cup China international leather bags design competition", and successfully developed the digital intelligent automatic template sewing machine, as well as peripheral clothing template cutting machine. Transfer at the same time. Adjust the structure of a company, shenzhen production to the production base in anhui, in shenzhen headquarters for research and development and the management platform, steadily expand both the domestic and international markets, to ensure that the company up to the research and development to promote the development, win customers with quality products and services, in good operating earnings in return for employees and the path of rapid development of society.